Sunday, May 8, 2011

robert & I.

when I found this picture tonight it made me both happy & sad. sad for letting go in way, sad cuz I miss my friend in him. I'm at a point where I can be happy with the good memories & try to let go of the bad. pain serves me not. as freeing as that may be its still not enough for me to contact him again. ....

I dont like it tbh & normally I would never post unedited photos (couldnt get it to look right. my eyes are too squinty & it looks like I could be a beaver. :F my nose.... >< :/) but these moments were the epitome of happiness for me. (at the time) I found a freedom in his friendship. one I need to now find in myself. its that zen spot if you will. absolute being. he helped me to open up places in myself I didnt know existed. I'm learning to live in those spots..

he was a great friend, one of the best, & even after everything... I really miss that.

I add this one... cuz I can..

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