Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Think

both poets & photographers look at the world like a man does a woman.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Remember Me

Remember me the way I drown in your arms..
before I lost myself in your kiss
& tasted heaven dying in your tears

Bring Me A Thousand Scarabs

I used to imagine him & I alone
under Egyptian tides
fingers tracing hope in waves of passion on my back

I gave him all of me

I am formless
molding in his hands
my gasps pleading "love me.."

Tonight I cried like the stars were bleeding
because the less he's around
the more I get used to it
& the more blackened their light becomes

The tourniquet I fashioned out of erasable ink promises for my soul
is now ripping at it's liar's seams

& the desert is left whispering of my heart


I wanted to know
does fairytale love exist?
or are we all fools?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rambling, Spilling & Writing

the less he's around
the more I get used to it
I think that hurts more than anything

I've forgotten what it's like to be held
fingers tracing the outline of my hips
a silent reassurance of safe

I'm a high maintenance woman when it comes to love
I need to be reminded, constantly
or I shut down
( maybe from the lack of attention
or maybe I've given all of myself that I can
without getting any of him in return )
it's just what I do
to keep myself warm
cuz sometimes there's just not enough heat on the back burner
& I never got used to the sideline view

I feel like I've lost my best friend..

I Want A Love

I want a love like the love I have
a walk over the hot coals kind of love
even if your soul gets burned
you'd do it just to reach me..

A man that loves me as much as I love him.. Does such a thing even exist? Is hopeless romantic just another term for fool? Sometimes, I wonder..

Friday, April 23, 2010

Heaven On Earth

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

reading at a slam

Funeral Dirge

Blame not my blind eyes
For the ruins I cast my gaze upon
do not splay the massacre of my heart
The bloody carnage
Twisted & mangled wreckage
that's left ( whats left? ) of my perception of love

I swallow my tongue
for my teeth fail to catch
the heartbr(ache) painted in d(r)ying regret on my lips
They burn
from this apathetic breath of

Sinking in realms
of the stapled fragments in my distorted reality

With elegies curling up my spine
Carving into my mind
That I
am just an afterthought

He Is A Walking Vincent Reproduction

The reveries always cease too fast
A screeching halt
& I'm face first through the windshield
Back behind this glass wall of reality
Etching your name in my breath's fog

My mind speaks in tongues
My heart
to foolish to listen
or even care
that it has left me breaking

& the stars turn their heads tonight
& sometimes they scream back at me
& sometimes
I feel interwoven with their fabrics
Pearly arms stretching outwards through my mouth
just to wipe my stillborn tears away
from this now acid washed,
once porcelain skin

Instead my pain seeps through the cracks of your regret

So I find myself peaking around corners
just to catch a glimpse of you
hiding from yourself
Because we all know
the only reason we hide
is to be found

& you left me gasping
( & guessing )
in the beauty of your Van Gogh perfection

Monday, April 19, 2010

When You're In Love

Is it better to play it safe or give it all you've got? I've found myself in a relationship with a man whom I've known for 2 & 1/2 years. We met online, dated for a few months in the beginning until the craziness in both our lives forced us to go our separate ways. We stopped talking for close to a year. During that time he moved on. I tried, but never could. Towards the end of December '09 we decided to see where a relationship would go. I've been in love with him since we met. He doesn't feel the same. This brings on a list of questions.

Because of how unsure he is about his future & whether or not or relationship will go anywhere from here, he holds himself back from falling in love with me. So he says.. I say that because I can't even begin to imagine how you can stop your heart from feeling anything, especially love. It's an emotion that's so free, with no rhyme, reason or even logic at times. Part of him is also not ready to allow himself to open up in that way because of how his last relationship ended.

Maybe it's because some people just are not as strong as others, as he mentioned to me the other night when he said that he just cant let himself get in so deep right now. But I think the experience of giving all of yourself to someone whether it works out or not, is a blessing to be able to have. After all, in my honest opinion, heaven isn't a place. It's the moments in life you live for where you're the most free. & that's how I feel when I'm with him. I cherish every minute I get with this man. Whether it's 2 hour phone call before he goes to bed, or a 30 second email or text from him just to say hello & he's thinking of me. I don't take any of it for granted. Before we broke up last year I thought he would always be there. & then he was gone..

I do believe everything happens for a reason. His absence from my life taught me a lot of things including that you never know how strong you can be until it's the only choice you have left.

Since December although I knew his feelings I let myself into this with my whole heart. I give him all of me. He mentioned one time he thought I should be holding myself back in order not to hurt so much if things went wrong between us. Though it seems to be human nature to shut ourselves off at times for self preservation's sake, mostly due to past hurts, this is something I could never bring myself to do. I live in the moment & make the most of the little time I am able to share with him. That way, if things do end, I can look back & know I gave it everything I could. & I can be ok with that. I can't look back on this with "what ifs".

I feel like I'm starting to go against everything I stand for & have said about my beliefs in love. I feel that if two people love each-other, nothing can stand in their way of being together. There will be some complications in the two of us coming together of course but mostly all it involves is me moving to be with him. Yet his pessimism about the whole thing has finally started to rub off on me. I'm starting to close myself off. Without even wanting to or being aware of it.. We had a another talk about where the relationship is going & since then it's like my heart is putting up walls without even asking me first. He's so busy he hardly has the time for me. He stopped returning most of my emails & messages. Lately even the texts are becoming less & less. So are the calls it seems..

How long can one really put themselves out there when only getting 25% in return? Knowing he didn't feel the same about me has always hurt, but I knew where he was coming from so it was ok. The last ex really did a number on his heart.. Now I'm starting to question how I feel about being in a relationship with someone who doesn't feel the same way. Who knows if he'll ever be able to let go. His constant "grip on the reality of things" or pessimism as I like to call it, brought me to start to close off. Now I'm feeling a little bitter. Not towards him. Just the whole shutting down thing is making me.. the same way as he is about it. & I'm irritable, grumpy & more stand offish than what is normally me. I'm such a free spirit, an emotionally charged woman. & now I'm in a war with my heart & my mind. The holding back just isn't.. me.

Is it better to give all of yourself & live in the moment? Even though if the relationship ends it will make it that much more heartbreaking? Or is it safer to close yourself off? Keep up those walls just in-case. I'll let you know if I ever figure that part out.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Morning After

*A collection of poetic thoughts*

Micro Poetry ~

Starving for affection. Gives a new meaning to eat your heart out.
Using my stanzas to heal what time never could.
When my heart has run out of excuses ~ you'll find me under crumbling walls ~ more alive than I have ever been
My fractured heart speaks in tongues ~ He seeps through my cracks.

Haiku ~

Self preservation ~ hides quiet in hazel eyes ~ Miss me when I'm gone

Friday, April 16, 2010


I wake up screaming
he is painted in my dreams
Van Gogh would be proud


The most freeing thing you can do is to admit you have no control.

I Never Knew When To Say When

Can your mind really control what your heart wants to feel if your emotions are a product of your thinking? How can you tell your heart not to feel something? Is protecting your heart really worth losing the experience of giving yourself completely to someone, no matter the outcome? Maybe I'm more ready to crack my head open after diving in than most. Maybe I'm a fool. But I'm in love. & ironically enough "love is a pain I would rather feel than nothing at all". Being heartbroken is devastating, but being apathetic is scarier.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Food?

Do you know the names of some of the worst food additives
the FDA is allowing you to put in your body? On the list is most
soy products processed with hexane, a neurotoxin that's also a petroleum
by-product of gasoline refining. As well as soy protein isolate. This stuff is in EVERYTHING. Most organic soy products are safe but some companies like CLIFF BARS still use these harmful ingredients while claiming to be organic. Educate yourself by taking time to read the link below.

Other additives to stay away from include High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG or Mono Sodium Glutamate,Sodium Nitrate as well as artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. These products cause neurological diseases as well as wreck havoc on your entire system. Many additives put into processed foods & used to process them can be found in household cleaning products, nail polish remover & even gasoline. Did you know the FDA has approved the use of ammonia in beef for big chain fast food chains because it kills E. Coli? They're feeding us window cleaner! Am I the only one that's outraged by this?! Do your research! Know what's in your food! Say no to all these harmful chemicals the FDA is allowing us to consume by buying organic products. It's not only good for you, it helps to sustain our earth as well.

Sorry my link is not working. Please copy & paste the one below.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am A Cobbled Inamorata

Hidden in the invisible cities of you
my heart was immortal

I felt you long before you were ever there
like your old soul's hand was always on my shoulder
& my heart was too young to know a thing
about fractured innocence

Ancient scripture spoke of your eyes
& the gods were always smiling
in the rapture of my love

I always saw things a little more left of centered than most

Friday, April 9, 2010


Seeded in broken lights of hope

Watercolored in the blackest eyes

Love treads in shallow waters

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Refraction Of The Tides

Woven into transcendental realms
my lazily made halo breathing ether into broken vessels

He smiles like the summer winds that swept me

Heart singed, & curved to the silence of the night
that's where you'll find me
etched in the burning breath echoing cross my lips

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Etched In An Exhale

In the alchemy of my swallowed tongue
I force an elegiac breath
the silent lament of "I miss you" running down my cheeks.