Saturday, October 8, 2011

today has been quite the day.. & I must say, in spite of some less than favorable interactions.. I am pleasantly pleased with the direction my life is headed. its been quite the year, with the loss of several close friends, unemployment leading to depression & spiritual lacking.. things have taken a great turn.

starting my new job tuesday. its been such a long time since I've really felt like myself. this last week or so.. I 'spose I have hitting bottom emotionally to thank really. it sent me into a constant meditative state. more present than I've been in months. my spirit happier, my heart lighter..I havnt felt this good about myself in quite some time. newtons law being what it may, theres nothing that could bring me down now. I'm stronger than I ever was before. I'm looking forward to start work, regaining my independence & even starting school in a few months. the ideas I've had in my head of what I wanted my life to be only seemed like fantasy for so long.

I've found more love for myself than I've ever had in the past. I must give partial credit to the love of a wonderful man for that as well..

I'm excited for what the next few years will bring.

haters gonna hate.


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