Saturday, October 8, 2011

What causes one to become a psychic vampire? Believe it or not, most psychic vampires tend to have many things in common. Below is a list of traits that might indicate one is a psychic vampire.

1.) Very ill or sick as a child - Many psychic vampire report an extended illness as children that robbed them of much of their childhood. During this time the individual learned to feed off of the life force of others in order to survive.
2.) Abuse - Many psychic vampires were abused as children.
3.) Depressed - Many psychic vampires suffer from chronic depression. It is believed that draining the life force of others may temporarily restore them to a better mental state.
4.) High Maintenance People - Psychic vampires tend to be very needy and ‘clingy’.

Many psychic vampires are more specialized and deserve mention simply since the term ‘psychic vampire’ is so broad. Below are specialized forms of psychic vampires.

1.) Emotional Vampire - Emotional vampires tend to be of the evil variety and manipulate people’s emotions in order to feed. For example, an emotional vampire is keen on riling a person up with anger, simply to feast on the person’s energy. Emotional vampires are very manipulative and dangerous. Unfortunately, the majority of emotional vampires are female. I suppose it might be because so many men are stunted or repressed when it comes to their emotions, which puts them at greater risk of becoming a victim of these vampy women. Those emotional vampires who are not evil tend to be the people with the motto, “Oh, Poor Me…”. They always have a sob story and desperately need people to feel sorry for them.

^note that the above piece says that only most, but not *all* emotional vampires are women..

I honestly feel sorry for these kinds of people. although rare to come in contact with, if youre not properly prepared the effect can be quite harmful emotionally as well as spiritually. they are very well what their name states. I honestly believe because of things in the past out of their control, such as abusive parents, they become these bullies in the form of an emotional vampire.

from my research I found many stones can be helpful when warding off such negative energies, though some people state only bloodstones are the ones to carry. to raise your vibrations in order to deflect harm, meditation is also key. white being the shade that is most deflective of energies, when coming into contact with an emotional vampire, envision yourself surrounded by a protective shield of white light. I would suggest to start this exercise during meditation. smudging with sage is also a great way to help clear negative energies out of a space a vampire has visited. I also smudge myself after coming in contact. one article I came across suggesting turning your body slightly as to not absorb this persons negative energies. in doing so the energies are supposedly bounced off of you & back onto them. the article states this tends to make the person even more angry. & rightfully so I would imagine, not being able to release all that negativity they are constantly living with & in. then the person will change his stance, trying to face you directly. by keeping your body ever so slightly turned you can avoid leaving this confrontation with all of their bad vibes.

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