Monday, September 6, 2010

(sub)conscious musings

stuck stuck stuck. how can it be so easy to be aware of my awareness & ability to make the conscious shift from an anxiety ridden, self pitying mess with agoraphobic tendencies to being at complete peace, cuz when I'm down I feel so helpless, like my world is collapsing inward.

I was told once I needed to be able to look at myself like my best friend. would I be so critical & quick to judge then? would I obsess about how when I smile one eye always closes more than the other? or how my head is too big & my ears & nose make me look mousy? or would I learn to accept & love these things like a real friend should?

today my soul was at ease. a tranquility I'm hoping projects onto others in my presence. so 1 outta 7 isnt bad. at least I have that.

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