Monday, May 31, 2010

A Mute Requiem For Vanity

carve out the eyes of my heart
I should of left before it couldn't hear anything other than his name
& like ripping through tiny little stitches
a burning lilac breath
............& awareness fills my mind

behind stardust & whiskey
I imagine him & I under a moonless sky
in the foolish hope of a forever (kind of) love
dancing upon molten wings of fallen gods my love was strong enough to drown out the hollowed moans of our ghosts

but if this is love
I know now why the stars are bleeding
for my tired eyes ache
of deaf whispers from my lonely heart
I wish I was blind

behind sulfur rain
in a reflective haze, you'll find me going under
screaming paralytic
with nothing left..... .but the static ringing in my ears

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