Monday, May 10, 2010

He's My Edward

I am a sobering grace
Victorian ruffled
under coffin shaped stars
in the core of where no one should have been able to shake me
but he did

Darkness falls
swirling dead colors in my tired eyes
& I am cradled in midnight dreams
of missing how he touched me

I am Bella.
Except in this ending I do not get to keep my love
I do not get to wake
(tongue in cheek)
chin to the morning light
to the warm taste of my lover's skin on my lips he crawled under every inch of me

& in this ending
I wake scarlet twisted & numb
to the piercing sounds of my screams
& that sinking feeling of love left unbidden, in uneven waters
& uncharted

1 comment:

  1. Bella will find her Prince one day, and on that day she'll know what it is to have him give her everything he is, just as Bella would for him. The harder he is to find, the sweeter the taste when you wake next to him knowing he'll never leave your side for any reason :)