Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind Shadows & (So)Lace

Airports. They have such thick energies. Sometimes they seem like the only real place left in the world.That barbed wire feeling of missing pieces meshed with new beginnings. Where people open their arms to welcome old loves. It's beautiful, you get to see everyone with their hearts on their sleeves. I left mine broken in a terminal in Phoenix.

I found him under the upside of down
in the wisp of a dream
glowing silver in the shadows of me

I remember the last time I touched him. ( "Please God, don't make me left him go.." ) I look back on it now & wished I would have turned around to watch him leave but I couldn't even bring myself to walk away.. I wish I would have cried, screamed, anything just so I wouldn't have to wake up alone, without him. Again.

Yet here I am. A lonely poet with no one to listen to my thoughts but my paper. & how long do I really have before the hope in my pens runs dry?

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