Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love Is

It's been since Feb 16th, not even a month since I left Arizona & the next time I see that man I swear I'm going to grab at him like a life jacket. Ironically in a way, he has been to me. He helps me save me from myself.

I fought so long, so hard only to find him already inside my heart. Maybe it's cause no matter how crazy things are feeling in my life every time I hear his voice none of that matters anymore. We stop the world from spinning & all that's left is the space between his lips & mine.

In 5 minutes he erases all my doubts. Not only about myself but about us, life, everything. With a feeling like that its hard not to get lost in the "forever" of things, but with something so perfect how could it not work? Love conquers all right? Hope, it's this amazing little constant reminder for us to live in the now. Be thankful for whats in front of us & cherish the experience. It's all we have when tomorrow is not promised.

What is there if there isn't love? & what is life without love, without hope? Have you really lived until you've felt your lover's touch on your skin? Lost your breath in their eyes? When you believe in love you have to think that even if you feel you've found your soul mate & if it doesn't work out, then there has to be something better suited for you out there. There has to be.

There's still that part of me that believes that there's one right person out there for everyone but that could just be the hopelessly romantic side of me wearing rose colored glasses again.

I've never been a traditional girl. I write my own rules when it comes to matters of the heart. Love for me is to be lost in the moment with the most perfect man, in the most imperfect situation.

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