Monday, March 28, 2011

left screaming.

theres some kind of tragic irony in the fact that every time you get your heartbroken its like tiny little razor blade tornados swirling through the veins of your soul. to your fucking core & you think theres no possible way anything could ever hurt more than this.. until you find the guy thats like, the one. after you thought the last one.. was the one. & hes maybe a combination of fear, self preservation hiding in his little closet of pain where nobody can get to him. if you love this person,to the depths you like you didnt think you could love anyone & theres just a chance that they could change their mind would you take it? your hearts already on the chopping block & theres nothing left to lose right? for love. I dont think its even been two weeks & its been suggested I'm dwelling. is that the same thing as risking this? if he can look me in the face & tell me he doesnt love me.. then I walk away.

I'm doing what I feel is right even if nobody agrees.

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