Friday, June 11, 2010

poetic thoughts from the past few days

it is my hearts sullen promise ~ to play this static lullaby ~ see me play broken doll again ~ & let my body burn in reveries of love

starving for intellectual intercourse~I wanted to roll my tongue over every part of your melodic alchemy~except your love~that's poison..

black.. the river runs ~ silence. mourn slaughtered martyrs ~ dark shades of sorrow

awakened ~ I will follow the darkened sun ~ w/sainted angel wings I paint my eyes black ~ breathing embers of love when night falls

..a romantic fatality I suppose ~ under dark eyes & blushed cheeks ~ on this steel blue mo(u)rning ~ I throw my love to dying winds

1 comment:

  1. Epic! I'm so touched by the "starving"-line. Hunger rumbles in my tummy too.
    Your words are like carefully chosen artefacts on display. I realize I must visit here much much more often then I do. You have a gift to strike chords with a minimum of words.