Thursday, July 21, 2011

“There are many like you- that have chosen to walk the spiritual path, many of you have chosen to quietly light the path for others to follow. You are the ones who will walk on the path. Take the light when it is offered to you without guilt. It is in your Plan.

Do not be afraid. Let go of your fears. Walk fearlessly as you are protected. We are always with you, watching over you. You are never ever alone. Remember also that you carry within you the knowledge of this – and as you walk the path you will merely be remembering your contracts. Within your sub conscious, on your soul the Plan is imprinted. This journey on earth is only a short part of your journey towards the Divine.

As you raise your vibrations and of those around you, you dance in the light of the Divine. Feel the joy already, my little ones. Feel the joy, feel the love. Allow it to enthuse you, excite you, give you energy.

You are all channels. Yes, but you my dear, are hearing us because you have chosen to listen. Anyone can choose to listen. We will communicate with anyone who chooses to listen, who chooses to believe.”

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