Friday, July 1, 2011

Power, Freedom & Grace. chapter 2 - who am I?

we are infinite consciousness with a localized point of view. & yet our whole system of thought divides the observer from the observed; it divides the infinite consciousness into a world of objects separated by space & time. the intellect imprisons us in a cage of fictitious images, a suffocating web of space, time & causation. as a result we lose touch with the true nature of our reality, which is powerful, immortal & free.

we are all prisoners of the intellect. & the intellect's mistake in one simple sentence is this: It mistakes the image of reality for reality itself. it squeezes the soul into the volume of a body, into the span of a lifetime, & the spell of mortality is cast. the image of the self overshadows the unbounded Self, & we feel cut off or disconnected from infinite consciousness, our source. this is the beginning of fear, the onset of suffering, & all of the problems of humanity, from our minor insecurities to our major catastrophes, such as war, terrorism, & all other acts of human degradation. to one who is trapped in the prison of the intellect, all is indeed suffering. but the cause of suffering can be adverted. ignorance of our real nature causes the inner self to be obscured, but when ignorance is destroyed, the powerful, unbounded nature of the inner self is revealed.

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