Saturday, March 31, 2012

so soon we let our ego forget the times people were there for us. did you fail to remember you had no where to go when we met? that you stayed in a tiny hitch pull along trailer with your dog. I let you in my home, payed your rent and bought your food. so soon you forget and are all to ready to do and say whatever it takes to make yourself feel and seem superior to others once your ego is bruised. sad and pathetic, not just that but the way you choose to prioritize what makes you successful in life. how much respect do you rly think your daughter is going to have for you when she finds out you treat(ed) the mother of your child this way. what self respecting woman will have you. and how can you teach our daughter never to settle. to find a man that treats her with love and respect when you cant even treat your fellow human beings with such compassion. you really think shes going to expect anything less from a man when her father cant even treat her mother with due respect. you harm her more than you protect her, because you come from a place of anger and hate, not love.

for the record, this isnt me saying I'm better than you in any way. I am no more or no less than anyone. we are all one. we came from stardust, we all have the universe inside us..

some of us, are just lost.. I hope not just for your sake, but for our daughters as well that you find your way. cuz love is the answer, love is the only way.

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