Thursday, August 11, 2011

“The 5th dimension is the dimension of dreams and the collective experience of humanity. The sixth dimension is described as the world of spirits, and the home of Pachamama, the Earth Mother. It is the place where one can encounter spirit guides, totem animals, or even have communication with deceased relatives or ancestors. The snakes and the eels I encountered were a part of this dimension. I had been to this place before, and gotten there a few different ways. One occasion I was laughing with my late Grandfather Aubrey whom I never met, which has contributed to me adopting his name, my born middle name, as my common name. Those who smoke DMT almost always reach this dimension directly, and frequently talk about the beings they encounter there. Until the second session, the 6th dimension was as far as I have ever gone.
The 7th dimension is described as an energetic dimension, where you encounter extremely large, non-personal entities. During my first ayahuasca meditation Maestro Orlando gave me a peek into the seventh dimension with his sonic teleporter. I wasn’t there long enough to encounter any ships such as those encountered in my second session, but I had made a breach, and that was important. The entities which I perceived as ships, were explained to me as benevolent entities whose purpose was to prepare me for travel to the 8th dimension. The organic floating mass pulled out whatever weight might have hindered me in my journey, and the metallic ship uploaded the source code that would allow me to function in the penultimate ring of existence.

The 8th dimension is the last dimension before the ninth dimension, which is oneness with all creation. Any beings encountered in the 8th dimension are by default entirely benevolent as nothing impure could exist on so high a plane. They say it is the realm of the angels, for lack of a better word. I didn’t encounter any beings, but what I did experience was pure potentiality—the ability to affect change in all dimensions below the 8th. I was able to play a small part in healing a sick friend, see him as he lay in his bed, scan my own body for illness, removing impurities on the spot, and visualize my entire life as a flow of energy, from every aspect of business to personal destiny. There was a challenge in reintegrating with the life I left running like a treadmill on full speed, but one month after my paradigm shifting session, my friend is healthier than ever, my glands have not been swollen for the first time in 12 years, and my business is thriving.

What else is possible in the 8th dimension? I don’t know… But part of my mission in life is to find out.”

C. Aubrey Marcus (via his blog

This was explained to him by legit Peruvian Shaman. You can hear the whole experience on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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