Friday, June 10, 2011


'When you begin developing feelings for someone that you have no rational explanation as to why you feel that way. When their voice makes you instantly smile like an idiot. When you can’t stop thinking about them because they’re the most beautiful soul you’ve ever seen. When their voice literally takes you to another place where this world ends and it’s only you and them. When you can feel their soft lips and skin against yours from a thousand miles away. When you dream about them all the time, even when you’re awake. When you find them so incredibly sexy that your fantasies pale in comparison. When nothing else in the world matters to you except their beautiful smile. When you realize in that instant that your world would be less beautiful without their laughter in it. When you know in your heart that you have found true love but your insecurities have you frozen in fear. When you feel unworthy to have the love of someone so amazingly beautiful. When you know there is no price you wouldn’t pay and no thing you wouldn’t do to be the person that gets to love them and hold them in your arms for the rest of their life.' ~ James Raven

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